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Kent Allen Sweitzer, based in Middleton, Wisconsin, has been an avid photographer since he was 12; upon receiving a Kodak Instamatic camera for Christmas. He was immediately captivated by the art of capturing images of friends, family, neighbors, pets and nature - the ordinary and the extraordinary.

From his rural country farm roots to towns, landscapes and urban scenes around the globe; Kent embraces the opportunity to preserve moments in time and share them with viewers everywhere. Often, when accompanied by his camera; Kent is offered the opportunity to see other worlds differently and experience life with heightened passion plus personal intimacy. His signature style is to blend documentary photojournalism and creative fine arts to uniquely preserve the everyday and the very special day - both domestically as well as internationally. Many of the images for his website slideshow were inspired by the “memories and dreams” that weave a colorful tapestry of moods and experiences throughout many of our lives.

Kent is a graduate of the Photography for Emerging Professionals Certificate Program at Indiana-Purdue University School of Business. Special assignments include volunteering on behalf of NPOs, exhibiting at galleries, participating in workshops around the country, documenting events and personal stories; all while combining his passion for travel and new learning opportunities with his life-long interest in photography.

Each month the images on his website are viewed tens of thousands of times by viewers around the world. Comments and photo credits are welcomed.

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